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  1. What are best systems for NADEX 20 5 2 hour daily and weekly expirations?
    1. To see a grouping of NADEX systems to types and expiration go here:
  2.  What is the difference between your Nadex systems and strategies?
    1. A: A system is a set of rules one does over and over. It’s a stratey or group or strategies one executes without picking and choosing. A strategy is a setup one does when they feel it’s best to enter. They can combine one strategy with another to have an optimizized oportunity frequently
  3.  Do you provide indicators with your systems, or how will it be possible for me to know the exact entry and exit points?
    1. All of our systems are rule based. It’s very clear how to enter and exit. It’s pretty simple actually
    2. If yes, what indicators do you usually use with your systems
      1. A: we don’t need indicators.
  4. – Do I have to use Think or Swim for charting with your systems? I ask it because I can’t get access to TOS because Ameritrade don’t allow registration from Hungary.
    1. A: hey if its free but if using NADEX they have great charts. Trading view has good charts too. Of course MT5 online is accessible. But you can use NADEX charts.
  5.  If you made a rank what would be your top 3 choices of Nadex systems, and why?
    1. We don’t have a top 3: each system is made for a different purpose. Here are 3 favorites at the moment, although favorites can change:
    2. NADEX PUNNKD 20 Minute Binary Options Scalping System
    3. NADEX RED 20 Minute Binary Options System Scalper
    4. NADEX OMNI19 NADEX Binary Options System
  6.  I know it is hard but do you have a Nadex system that is accurate, where both the win rate and the reward to risk are high, and makes consistent profit?
  7. You can see from the performance samples on each system a sample win rate and risk to reward ratio.
  8. – Which Nadex system do you recommend for beginners?
    1. That’s hard because it’s all solid but for what you are looking for i’ll list the super solid in approach

Best advice: Just start somewhere. Don’t try to find the “perfect system” because there isn’t one. A perfect system is one that you learn to trade well and that nets out a profit you can compound over time

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