SBOT HOOK – NADEX 20 Minute Expiration Binary Options System

SBOT HOOK– NADEX 20 Minute Expiration Binary Options System is a rock solid NADEX trading system you can use for a potential consistent, stable method for trading the 20-minute binary options expiration.

The system is pretty simple and pretty straightforward making it enjoyable to trade throughout the day. You should be able to pick up learning and applying HOOK system pretty quickly.

HOOK is it more easy going way of trading the 20 minute expiration binary as compared to some of our other 20-minute binary options expiration methods.

Performance sample for US Smallcap 2000 20 Minute Expirations:

  • Using an “ATM” binary with roughly a 1:1 reward to risk ratio
  • Targeting expiration
  • Trades all day in the USA market open.  You can trade it whenever you want but results represent all day.
10 Cts
8-Sep WWWLWWW 6 1 $2,500.00
WWWW 4 0 $2,000.00
LWWL 2 2  $
WWWWLLWWW 7 2 $2,500.00
Total $7,000.00
10 Contracts Per Day Avg $50 /trade Per Day Avg 50 Contracts Per Day Avg
$1,750.00 $175.00 $8,750.00

$1997  But special Launch price of $997 while it lasts: (also make sure you get SMASH – HOOK and SMASH are made to be overlapable for a powerful 1, 2 punch!)

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