About Us – About You

We are making this site to help those aspiring to become binary options day traders, or just day traders in general get some solid footing, a solid base to start winning, netting out a profit consistently and grow.

We’ve been around binary options since 2009.  And no we are not brokers. We are traders, strategy developers, systems developers… We are looking to grow out circle of winners so we can all move forward much more quickly.

You’re about to begin an incredible journey into becoming a GREAT Binary options trader while being on top of the ever evolving binary options marketplace.
Stay tuned and keep an open mind.  We’ll try to make every email count.  We know how busy you are and will not waste your time.
We’ve got several works in development which you may start seeing on our site:
  • Binary signals
  • Binary software
  • Binary strategies and systems of our own
  • Binary options auto trading, managed trading and more on that to come
To get started in binary options it would be wise to make sure you learn the basics of binary options trading, day trading in general, pitfalls to avoid and the best way to go:
Here are some Binary Options101 courses from one of the best and most trustworthy binary traders, systems developers and educators:
  • http://binaryultra.com/binary-options-courses/
  • http://binaryoptionsauthority.com/binary-options-starter-kit/
  • http://binaryoptionsauthority.com/nadex-101/
Also on those sites you’ll see some broker funding deals where the broker will buy you courses and binary options systems just for funding.
Also you’ll need a top tier binary broker.  Do not fool around with no name brokers. We’ll have some top tier brokers we’ve known since 2009 and beyond with the best reps.   More on that soon!
Stay tuned!
SMART Binary Options Trader Team!