GNAT4 60 Second Binary Options System

One second price charts are very cool! You can get them for free when you have a NADEX account. Now this is not a NADEX 60 Second binary system but they have one second price charts there. If you can find 1 second price charts anywhere else you could use those as well. Maybe your traditional binary broker has them. Check and see.

But do understand it’s a very important discovery to be able to trade one second bar price charts in order to look inside of price action within the 60 second binary options. This gives us an edge that we didn’t have before. Plus this also increases our opportunity tremendously.

You’ll certainly want to know, understand and use this system while being able to at any minute potentially make yourself a 70% do 75% return.

Now of course this is a trading system so we are not treating this as a strategy. What this means is that we are looking to run this systematically without trying to pick and choose what’s going to win or not. That’s how you get a system to work. When you have a McDonald’s you’re not trying to make the best burger you can by “inspiration of the moment” every time, you just follow the burger making rules. By following a system you can make a consistent result that can potentially net you out a profit. The same goes here with the GNAT4 60 Second Binary Options System.

  • Uses 60 seconds binary options.  75% Return upon win, depending on what your broker pays out.
  • Requires 1 second charts (NADEX / IG has 1 second charts when you have an account there)

Performance sample:

$6,625.00 in 35 minutes.  What?  Yes.  Based on $500 per trade.  If based on $100 per trade then it’s $1325 for 35 minutes.   Performance sample is based on system rules to give you a more accurate picture of what you would be buying.

39 16 $6,625.00
  • Goes “inside of price action” using 1 SECOND charts
  • Pretty simple system mechanism to trade
  • Results will vary from day to day, no guarantee of success etc but being able to see price action from a 1 second chart on 60 second binaries can be much more helpful.

Launch Price:  Only $1997