NADEX HAMMER NADEX 20 Minute Expiration Binary Options System

NADEX Binary Options System for the 20 Minute Expiration

  • “Swing trade” NADEX 20 Minute Binary Options on a 1 minute bar chart.  This type of swing trading is also called Swing Scalping.
  • With Swing Scalping we trade momentum bursts while quickly capturing momentum up through the fastest deltas on up through the NADEX binary options chains.   This means that  we trade OTM out of the money somewhat on up through the ATM up into the ITM sweet spot for greatest amount of profit point capture through momentum.
  • HAMMER is a very solid method of trading.  It is precise. 
  • Swing Scalping is especially effective in combination with NADEX good risk to reward ratios.  We  have reduced risk positions  since we start OTM, out of the money, for a cheaper entry.
  • Ride OTM NADEX binary options, ride them for some momentum, take the cash winnings and run!
  • Capture greater percent returns by HAMMER Swing scalping vs. just trading the underlying asset its self, like a Forex pair or emini future.
  • HAMMER System Results performance is based on the “US Small Caps” (the RTY or Russell 2000 futures)
  • Super fun to trade!
  • Can be run as a strategy in a laid back way or as a system in a very methodical way

HAMMER Performance – Systems Results:  

  • This performance sample is based on trading only 2 hours a day!
  •  See the 1 contract, 10 contracts and 50 contracts columns for net profit results.
  • These systems results are based on the exact system rules that we will teach you in this  NADEX HAMMER NADEX 20 Minute Expiration Binary Options System home study course which is taught by video.

Trading OTM options and riding momentum burst.  Trailing in profit.  Numbers are in NADEX points between 0 and 100.  Average risk $20 per contract represented in track.

  HAMMER Performance Sample             1 Contract 10 Contracts 50 Contracts  
8-Sep -20 44 35 -20 72 30 20  $161.00  $1,610.00  $8,050.00 Daily Profit
  72 72 40 72 72 72 20  $420.00  $4,200.00  $21,000.00 Daily Profit
12-Sep 72 35 35 65 35 60    $302.00  $3,020.00  $15,100.00 Daily Profit
  90 72 -20 65 -20 35 -20  $202.00  $2,020.00  $10,100.00 Daily Profit
Sum total for 4 days of trading:  $1,085.00  $10,850.00  $54,250.00 4 Day Totals
Daily average  $271.25  $2,712.50  $13,562.50 Daily Average
    20 T                
    5 L                
    15 W                
    0.75 W%                

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This is a very powerful super solid method of  trading and trading NADEX.   Chances are that you could do very very well!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee – After purchasing this product, learning it and practicing it, working with our support team too if you have any struggles and it’s not working out for you we can replace the product with another, since we have many systems and strategies or refund.