Pillar4 – 5 Minute Binary Options System –   Trading System for Trading 5 Minute Binary Options for a Potentially Very Good Living in Just 1.5 Hours a Day..

See video for explanation of about the Pillar IV system:

This 5 minute binary option system is your very simple clear way to trade 5 minute binary options. I think many of you could potentially do well with his system. PILLAR IV is a nicely tradable method in that It gives you a feel of organization and knowing exactly when to trade. That can help you increase your confidence.    You’ll have an opportunity every 5 minutes for profit.

After you get this system what you want to do is simply study at historically. Find your ideal Sweet Spot time to trade this system. You can use it to trade traditional static binary options or NADEX binary options.

PILLAR IV 5 Minute Binary Options System for Trading One Hour & a Half…

This PILLAR IV NADEX 5 minute binary options system is a fantastic new discovery for the NADEX 5 minute binary option. This 5 minute NADEX system is ideally fitted for more active times. So trade the active times for and  hour and a half and then be done for the day – that’s the concept here.

This system gives you a very clear-cut plan on Entry and exit.  And that’s certainly what you need with the NADEX 5 minute binary option.

PILLARIV Pillar4 – 5 Minute Binary Options System Video Overview:

PILLAR IV 5 Minute Expiration System – Trade for 15 Minutes a Day Trade All Day Trade Here or There – Whatever You Want

If you trade NADEX 5 minute binary expiration this is a must-have system my opinion. Add this to your arsenal and learn of this method’s almost loophole like opportunity.  Additionally you can add this to other systems.

You can trade this PILLAR IV NADEX 5 minute binary options system a half an hour.  Maybe even just 10 to 20 minutes if you want.   Whatever you want.  You can trade it for an hour here or an hour there.  And the 5 minute binary options are available most of the time.

Yes it’s almost a no-brainer. And in fact come to think of it, it’s a dis-service if you or I don’t simply run the system. It’s almost as if we are throwing money away by not running it. Hmmm. Let’s get Trading!

Performance Sample:

  • Simple to trade 5 minute binary options system.
  • 5 minute standard, old school binary options expirations or NADEX 5 Minute Binary options .
  • Based on a 70% payout to 100% loss standard 5 minute binary option payout for original binary options but with NADEX you can get a better payout with At the Money ATM 5 minute binary options closer to 100% pay upon a win out to 100% blank out if lose.  These 30% additional profit points can give you a big edge over traditional 5 minute binaries.  The only edge with the old school 5 min binary options expirations is that it’s easier to enter because you don’t have to pick a strike as with NADEX.  That said, you can get used to picking  a strike at NADEX quickly.  And… the strikes give you more opportunity for different ways of profiting.  Plus NADEX can give you a much better profit to risk ratio.
  • Also you can use PILLARIV 5 Minute Binary Options System for scalping meaning that as soon as your binary pops quickly to 80’s or 90’s, on NADEX you don’t have to wait for expiration and you can sell right away and claim the profit.  You don’t have to wait till expiration and can take quick pop profits when price pops up.  The range in binaries are limited so when you reach near peak profit points, a lot of times it’s just better to grab the money and run, capture profit. .
  • Trades 1 minute bars, Forex binary options.
  • Performance sample is based on system entry rules.
  • Example shows performance sample for an hour and a half only.  You can trade more if you’d like.
  • More active times are preferred but not required with Pillar4 (vs. the NADEX 5 minute binary options methods because our strike is our entry with the static 5 minute binary.)


Based on 1.5 hours only 9 am to 10:30 am.  You can trade as much as you want. Trades a standard static 5 minute binary options (non NADEX.  Yes Spot Option – Tech Financial ets.

15 Wins  5 Loss + Net 10 for 1.5 Hours Trading = $500/10 NADEX Contracts or $5000/ 100 NADEX Contracts

13 Wins  5 Loss + Net 8 for 1.5 Hours Trading = $400/10 NADEX Contracts or $4000/ 100 NADEX Contracts

11 Wins  4 Loss + Net 7 for 1.5 Hours Trading = $350/10 NADEX Contracts or $3500/ 100 NADEX Contracts

Pillar4 – 5 Minute Binary Options System $1,997.00